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Roland/Dark Tower in The Mist [Nov. 25th, 2007|12:23 pm]
All Things Serve the Beam

I went to go see The Mist last night. My jaw dropped when the very first shot in the movie is a shot of the lead working on a painting of Roland standing in front of a free-standing door with a tower in the background. The character was specifically working on a rose that was to the viewer's right of Roland.
It was unmistakably Roland and the Dark Tower.

Later, the character makes reference to the fact that he was painting a movie poster. I wonder if this is a hint about the potential Dark Tower movie.....
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(no subject) [Oct. 30th, 2006|08:40 am]
All Things Serve the Beam

This community has been extremely quiet so...

I was watching Hidalgo last night and thought Viggo Mortenson (most of you will know him as Aragorn from LOTR) would make the perfect Roland in a film.
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May your days be long upon the Earth [Oct. 12th, 2006|04:02 am]
All Things Serve the Beam

Greetings and salutation fellow Tower junkies.

I have just joined this community (and about to add other DT themed ones) and wished to make greetings. I've been a fan of the series since the late 90s and I am saddened to admit have not read a word of it since I finished DTVII two days after buying it. But recently the series has crept up in my mind and oddly enough this past weekend I remet an old friend, only to find out she is a dark tower fanatic as well - another one of the coincidences I suppose that are present in the posts I have read so far). I have decided to reread the series starting tomorrow when I wake up!

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this really made my day. :) [Feb. 28th, 2006|01:13 am]
All Things Serve the Beam

[mood |pleasedpleased]
[music |Thom Chacon - "Harmony"]

In a collection of all of the poems Emily Dickinson wrote, in chronological order, the 19th poem is as follows:

A sepal, petal, and a thorn
Upon a common summer's morn -
A flask of Dew - A Bee or two -
ABreeze - a caper in the trees -
And I'm a Rose!


and to think I only found that because I asked a friend to type the 19th poem out for me when she was writing a paper! man... I really needed that, though. I love that kick of adrenaline from noticing a dark tower connection. Seriously. But I'm sure you all know what I mean. After all, the book itself was based on coincidences in the different worlds.

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My journey is over... [Feb. 4th, 2006|10:39 pm]
All Things Serve the Beam

potential spoiler postCollapse )
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creepy [Jan. 29th, 2006|03:51 pm]
All Things Serve the Beam

i found this in a random journal... he did the picture himself. it creaped me right out, and then the creep factor only increased when i saw that there were exactly 19 comments about that entry. *shivers*

so, without further delay, i give you andy, the messanger robot.

under here!Collapse )

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(no subject) [Jan. 6th, 2006|09:16 am]
All Things Serve the Beam
hi! My name is Nina I'm 26 and I'm from Poland.

I have read 6 parts of the series and now I'm anxiously waiting for part seven "Dark Tower"...

I have a question-which of the characters of DT series are you "in love with"and why?

For me it's Roland-he's so fascinating and magnificent with and despite all his flaws...
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(no subject) [Oct. 30th, 2005|05:34 pm]
All Things Serve the Beam


hey i made that community that i was talking about before!!!


please join if you enjoy writing and want to share w/ others!!!

thanks and x-posted

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(no subject) [Oct. 30th, 2005|01:58 pm]
All Things Serve the Beam


hile, fellow constant readers!!! i have a question for you.

i am a writer of science fiction and fantasy, and was considering putting a community together to post my work and anyone elses if they are interested. i love feedback and this seemed like a great way to get it. i also love reading  other peoples work, be it DT fanfiction or whathaveyou. thoughts? feelings? i dont have a name yet. i wanted your opinions first!!! anyone interested??


x-posted, my lovelies

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more on the coming comic! [Oct. 28th, 2005|08:49 pm]
All Things Serve the Beam

want more info? go here! i could not read it fast enough!


x posted just about everywhere.
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